Teaching Short Story Writing to Medical Students

Teaching Short Story Writing to Medical Students

Inspired by the prestigious creative writing programmes at UEA, I’m offering an intensive immersion in short story writing. UEA pioneered the teaching of Creative Writing in the United Kingdom and in 2020 celebrated 50 years of teaching it.

This is a very practical course and no previous writing experience is needed. Over ten weeks, we’ll cover how to generate ideas, develop your writing voice, hone your technique & discover the craft of shaping your story. You will learn how to create unforgettable story worlds that a reader can immerse themselves in.

By the end of the ten weeks, all students will each have written a short story, which we will bring to its best and final form in the penultimate session. We will spend our final session working on how and where to publish short stories about healthcare and medicine. Students will be encouraged to enter their finished stories in writing competitions, including those run by medical humanities journals, for example the Bellevue Literary Review.

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